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It is not just digitalization anymore. Publishing is automating. Machines very smartly handle digital content, thus turning out to be the core of Automation. These contents are processed and transferred effortlessly in many ways with a simple software program. 

‘Automation’ is currently shaping the industry by creating new opportunities for publishers and contemporary authors. 

Automaton in publishing has developed to receive customized outputs according to the requirement by simplifying the complex processes needed. The workflow is automated and streamlined using a publishing automation system. 

Complex data-driven publishers such as book publishers, magazines, journal publishers, catalog publishers, and circular publishers use publishing automation systems to update their workflow.

Digitalization and Automation have become an unavoidable part of publishing due to the technology revolution in publishing. By avoiding manual intervention–time and cost are reduced to a great extent.

All levels of publishing, such as authoring, designing, editing, proofreading, and Metadata management, are done in a single platform. Publishing automation system enables faster production, adding more excellent value to the result. Customized outputs are obtained as per customer expectations that can be accessed through different channels and devices.

The various stages of publishing automation system are-

  • Manuscript completeness and submission
  • Publishing contract
  • Digital production
  • Digital asset management
  • Digital distribution

The process is well-organized with high quality and efficiency to increase productivity. 

The various levels of automated publishing are-

-Workflow automation eliminates manual efforts and automates the process, ensuring that the task is completed as per the checkpoints.

-Automatic update of information–Whenever there is a change of information, it is incorporated or updated automatically in all required areas.

-Automated cross-media publishing: Publishing a single content across all types of media is called cross-media publishing. This is done with ease using computerized systems. The content is extracted and automatically published in various formats.

-Automated Web and digital publishing with customization are made possible per the requirement at a minimal cost and effort. The information is automatically customized through templates by reforming the content for multiple recipients.

 Holograph Press Works’ comprehensive range of publishing services provides a fully managed end-to-end publishing solution for publishers. 

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