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ITSM with Jira Service Management

Accelerate your IT services with Holograph Technologies! ITSM with Jira Service Management authorizes Dev, IT Ops, and business teams to collaborate at a higher pace, so they respond to changes and deliver great value to client and employee service experience. It is therefore essential to manage this digitally and make it accessible throughout the organization. Enable high-speed ITSM with Jira Service Management, the next-generation Service Desk.

What is ITSM?

ITSM is the evolution of support to a more effective client, user, and service orientation.

Holograph Technologies ITSM solution for your business

Our solution combines the requirements of the "Help Desk" and "Service Desk" with standards for ITSM. Having a Jira Service Management product as ITSM Software, to support the areas of HR, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Facility Management, and Vehicle Fleet efficiently. The potential cases of using JSM as an ITSM software are practically infinite.

Swift Service Management

Being an Atlassian trusted solution partner, we have access to cloud-based ITSM software so our ITSM solutions for your organization are ready to go! We set up Jira service management tailor-made to cater your needs. We set up a service desk for all departments that are scalar Fringilla given time.

Visualization to Focus on all tasks


Atlassian’s ITSM software allows you to track tasks across the enterprise and connect different departments and processes together. The ticket system provides organized request forms so that all the relevant information can be queried when a service request is created. It avoids the duplicate processing of requests and allows the focus on individual tasks. In our ITSM tool, you can prevent limitations by maintaining a ticket status.

Secure and reliable processes


Atlassian’s ITSM system has an asset management system, which locates all the dependencies in the system’s infrastructure. The individual assets can be managed to settle problems rapidly and reduce the impact of changes on downstream areas. This ITSM solution also has full incident management, so that the escalation levels of services can be managed.

Robotization of processes


Automation increases productivity and the quality of your team’s work as the probability of human error is zero and the repetition of manual work is decreased. Our ITSM solution provides you with different templates for the automation of service processes. Individual automation rules can be created in the IT service management tool without coding and scripting.

Effortless Service-Level management


Service Level Agreements (SLA) function integrated with the ITSM software can ensure that your service employees report exclusively at times agreed with your customer as part of the SLAs. Automatic prioritization of tickets based on the agreed SLAs indicates that customers with a higher service level receiveย  prioritized processing in the queue.

Integrated knowledge management


The first step towards a self-service desk is linking the Jira Service Management with Confluence. Using Confluence, data can be effortlessly managed and linked to tickets. The search function can automatically suggest a suitable help article when creating a service request in the Jira ticketing platform. This way, you can control service requests from being created for trivial issues.

Connect Dev and Ops


The ITSM tool Jira was created and used mostly for software development but today development teams are still benefiting from this. The integration of audit trails allows every change to be captured and reviewed before deployment. This type of quality management permits us to add individual value for our customers and control potential risks. The integration of audit trails can be done straight with Bitbucket Pipelines from Atlassian products or CI/CD tools.

Out of the box

The power of Jira Service Management in the area of agile working, corporate branding, and automation is limitless. We tailor the tool perfectly according to your requirements and integrate it into your organization by extending the ITSM software with a variety of apps or by programming individual functions. We recommend connecting your ITSM solution with the existing system landscape for efficient and smooth integration. Well-known software such as Zoom, Microsoft products, or Salesforce can be connected with Jira Service Management.

Why ITSM with Atlassian Cloud & Holograph Technologies

Being An Atlassian Trusted Solution Partner, Holograph Technologies is the perfect solution for executing your ITSM requirements and integrating and migrating them into your existing system infrastructure. We assure reliable results at low operating costs. The use of Atlassian products is scalable and leads to growth in performance across all departments.



We create a plan and work with you to understand your current and future needs.

Client-trial made development

Holograph Technologies provides tailor-made and out-of-the-box solutions that support and boost your business activities.


We offer you detailed training and show you how to make the best use of the Atlassian products to your benefit.

Streamless Integration

We integrate the systems that you need to work with your Atlassian solution by using the latest technologies.

License Management

We manage your Atlassian licences and assure a minimized cost of your Atlassian products.

Secure Migration

We offer you the best and optimal system environment for your needs, whether data center or cloud migration without the loss of any valuable data.

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As an Atlassian Solutions Partner, we share our exclusive offers and benefits to our clients when buying, renewing or upgrading your Atlassian licences with Holograph.

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