Atlassian Products Management Services

We offer the information and resources you need to support your Atlassian investments and minimize operational costs 24/7 across the globe.

Discover the power of Bitbucket, a comprehensive Git code management platform that enables seamless planning, collaboration, testing, and deployment. Streamline your development process and enhance team collaboration across multiple teams, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Experience the ease of code management and fuel your app development journey with Bitbucket!

Enterprise support to manage your Atlassian Environment

Our Atlassian Experts deliver easy access and fast service management across your organization that are essential for your business to improve efficiency and quality of service delivery.


You can unlock value from your Atlassian investment by outsourcing it to us. Our experts will augment your resources, providing you with a constant, scalable and SLA-supported level of service whilst leaving you in control of your budgets.


Holograph Technologies provides complete enterprise service management solutions catering for a collection of managed services to unify all departments for businesses of all sizes

Holograph Technologies' presence and assurance to our clients

We are Atlassian-certified professionals and provide Atlassian solutions and services worldwide.

A Focused Atlassian Partner

We're 100% Atlassian-focused and have Atlassian-certified professionals onboarded with us.

Atlassian Certified Expert Team

Our Atlassian certified experts serve and follow the Atlassian best practice and deliver high standards of quality work.

Our Assurance to Clients

Clients: All our managed services are backed by a strict SLA and service credits. We understand your requirement to ensure the improvement of our services.

Global 24/7 Presence

We deliver true follow-the-sun 24/7 coverage with a local presence in North America, Saudi Arabia and India.

We helped our clients succeed with Atlassian tools

Atlassian trusted solution partner helping Enterprises and SME customers in their digital transformation journey by leveraging the Atlassian tools ecosystem and Atlassian experience in helping clients with solutions like migrations, consultation and implementation.

our trusted partners

As an Atlassian Solutions Partner, we share our exclusive offers and benefits to our clients when buying, renewing or upgrading your Atlassian licences with Holograph.

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