Do Atlassian JSM Technologies really help in the implementation of ITSM? 

From technology needs to server maintenance, to day-to-day operations, every aspect of your business depends on your IT infrastructure. The best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) help IT teams provide their services efficiently in large organizations with a vast number of employees. However, simply having an ITSM won’t suffice. Your business agility might be compromised if the platform you’re utilizing is rigid, pricey, and bloated. And as a result, ITSM implementation will prove to be inadequate, and is directly related to choosing an incorrect ITSM tool. 

Jira Service Management (JSM) is a powerful tool to assist you in accelerating the efficiency of your organization. Along with the familiar features, JSM comes with a brand-new set of new services which will significantly enhance the effectiveness of IT teams.   

Consequently, this is why JSM is the ideal option for your ITSM services: 

  1. An all-in-one platform: Atlassian JSM unifies issues and solutions for both IT and Dev teams on a single platform. 
  2. Quick start results in reduced downtime: JSM allows a predefined process with easy customization to deploy the system in place, unlike traditional solutions. 
  3. User-friendly interface: JSM provides teams with an interface that can be quickly and easily set up and customized as requirements evolve. 
  4. Avoid repetition of tasks: JSM comes with a full suite of automation tools to help you save time and energy in repetitive of tasks. 
  5. Third-party application sync: JSM has the advantage of being able to connect with all third-party applications—more than 5,000 integrations or sync add-ons are offered in the Atlassian marketplace. 
  6. Right tool, Right investment: With JSM, you only need to invest once, reducing other fixed expenses, thus dramatically increasing revenue. 
  7. Easy access for everyone: The JSM interface doesn’t require any prior IT experience. 
  8. Highly adaptable: JSM is a very adaptable platform that can be set up to match your business’s unique needs.

With Atlassian JSM, you can use it now for your current environment and upgrade it anytime as your business grows and changes. Jira’s open platform for work promotes greater transparency, teamwork, and economy throughout the organization. It’s not a secret that the pace of change in today’s world is unrelenting, thus “just having an ITSM solution” is simply insufficient. Therefore, JSM is the ideal choice to simplify all your business needs concerning ITSM.

We’re here to support and guide you if you’ve any doubts. Please talk to our expertise today, each of us [email protected]. 


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