Benefits of Server to Cloud Migration. Is it the right time for your business?

If you think it’s too early for server migration, the reality is that the right time is now. The fact is, Jira cloud conversion takes time and is dependent on a variety of variables, including the user base, add-ons, automation, and many more. Therefore, starting right away would be the best course of action given that Atlassian is discontinuing server support on February 15, 2024. Additionally, starting now will give you enough time to become acquainted with cloud policies and storage options, enabling your team to have a strong start with enough backup knowledge.

So how will Jira Server Migration prove to be beneficial for your business? Is it even worth all the time and effort?

  1. Better Security: Atlassian support has everything you need to secure your business.
  2. Enhanced performance: The cloud provides an extra boost to your efficiency.
  3. Fast with easy access: Working faster with increased accessibility will save you valuable time.
  4. Reduced overall cost: Using a single Atlassian account will remove all hidden costs. In addition, Atlassian Cloud is responsible for maintaining and monitoring servers, saving you time and money.
  5. Better integrations and third-party assistance: Moving Jira to the cloud will provide enhanced access to add-ons.
  6. Increased agility: Atlassian maintains all updates and allows hassle-free upgrades.
  7. Enhanced stability, focus and satisfaction: Atlassian Cloud provides a number of new features that improve productivity.
  8. Atlassian support: The biggest addition to your business.
  9. Secured future: Jira is the future and moving your server edition to the cloud will be everything you need for now and in the future.
  10. License: With better discounts and offers, your license cost will notably come down.

A business runs many risks when using generic on-premises servers, including redundant costs, less support, and increased security threats. Additionally, Atlassian offers a lot of support to get the transfer process going. As a result, transferring Jira to the cloud will provide you access to a number of Atlassian services as well as enhanced functionality, making it the go-to tool for all of your business’s needs.

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